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Tracelabs OSINT VM

Download the .ova from Tracelabs website, VM

View Tracelabs repository on Github.

Check your download integrity (SHA256 hash).

Set Keyboard:

The VM is neat, and very cool. Before starting working with it, I recommend doing a few updates and setups (at your discretion).

First set your keyboard: Open a terminal (ĉ alt t)and

$setxkbmap [lang] (it can be fr if you need and azerty for example) note: as kali:kali is the user:password by default, you may have ecounter a bit struggle with the keyboard mapping.

There are two things you absolutely must do: update and/or upgrades of your VM, and change the default password.


For updating programs on the VM:

Run the script “Update System”, visible on Desktop.


Run updates:

$sudo apt update $sudo apt upgrade -y

note: “apt” stands for Aptitude, it’s a package manager for this Debian based distribution.

It might take a bit of time. [coffee]

You may need to reboot your vm: $sudo reboot $sudo apt update If there are old packages to remove: $sudo apt autoremove


Change default password:


If for some scripts your need to have a different user:

Create a new user:


switch to the new user:

$su - [new user]


General remarks

It’s not an exaustive covering of the topic, but a few remarks regarding an usage I have. I consider this can make sense to other people too.

PROS: Potential of the VM, to collect a set of tools.

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